Can I use my own domain as the primary domain?

Yes, you can.

You will be asked for a domain name you wish to use as primary domain upon ordering. We will then setup that domain as the primary domain of the account for you.

How long the setup process will take?

All orders will be processed within few hours after payment is received.

Turnaround time will also depends on how quickly you cooperate on doing the domain ownership verification.

Is this a one-time fee or subscription?

Yes, you’ll only pay one time fee to get the account setup. There are no monthly or yearly payments involved, account is free for life

Are there any features difference between the paid and free version?

Yes there are some differences between both versions. Please refer to the following articles:

As far as features are concerned there is no difference between any of the plans apart from storage per user which is 15GB in legacy account.

I have active subscription on G Suite, can I switch to this account?

Yes, since a domain can have one account at a time, there are two ways to do this.

One is to delete the entire existing account and get the new one.

Second is to swap the domain of your existing account to another of yours. Suppose your domain is and using gsuite, add any of your domain (suppose as secondary domain and make it primary. Then go to the users and rename all users to new domain such as if the user is, rename it to Do this to all users and then go back to domains and remove from the account.

You also need to either remove or rename all the groups.

Now you’re good to get new legacy account for your domain.

Can I migrate my emails from old/other G suite or another email service?

Yes you can, however you will be doing this yourself. (Drive and Photos data will be manually downloaded and uploaded by you).

There are two ways to do this. One is to download the email data of each user, go to

When you finish downloading data, delete your G suite account and get the legacy accounts. Now headover to this link and import emails as guided.

Second is to connect your other email account, like hotmail/yahoo or cpanel emails using POP to the Gmail accounts and import emails.

  • On your computer, open Gmail.
  • In the top right, click Settings icon and then Settings.
  • Click the Accounts and Import or Accounts tab.
  • In the second section, click Import mail and contacts.
  • Follow the steps on the screen.
  • Click Start import.
  • Wait for a couple of hours, it may take time to import emails.
How can I remove my domain from current account?

To remove a domain, simply log in to your existing Google Apps account. Go to “Domains” menu and remove the domain..

OR, if your domain is set as primary you must cancel your subscription from the “Billing” menu, make sure you select the “immediate” option. You will need to re-login, then go to “Company Profile > Profile > Account deletion” and follow the process.

Caution: Do it at your own risk. Backup data before doing so.

Can I add additional (secondary) domain(s) to the account?

Yes, we can add one secondary domain for you at the cost of $10. Select this option at the checkout page or contact us.

You can add up to 20 alias domains free of cost. For difference between secondary domain and alias, please read other FAQs

Primary domain is added free of cost upon purchase. So one primary and one secondary possible.

How to verify domain ownership?

After you place your order, we’ll provide you DNS TXT record or HTML file to verify the domain in order to use with the account.

See more here:

Why it is a free account?

We are selling domains that have Standard Edition Google Apps account (the older FREE version). Prior to December 6, 2012, Google offered a free edition of Google Apps—also known as the Standard Edition—that had a reduced set of business features. After December 6, 2012, Google stopped offering Free edition to new customers..

If you already had the Free edition, you can continue using it for free. Read more here:

How Can I check users licenses in Google Apps (G Suite)?

Login to your Google Apps Admin panel => Click the “Billing” menu, you will see the number of free users accounts/ licenses.

In Google Apps Standard Edition, every user gets 15GB storage (GMail + Google Drive).

30GB storage for each user in Non profit account, while Unlimited storage per user on Google Apps for Education versions.

Main domain of the account is primary domain at which you signed up for the account.

You can create users on primary domain.

What is secondary domain?

Secondary domain is additional domain apart from your primary domain. Separate users can can be created on this domain.

We can add up to 2 secondary domains for you. Contact us after the order.

What is a domain alias?

Additional domain apart from primary and secondary domain are domain alias. You can give users additional address to receive email.

However you cannot create separate users on domain alias.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Payoneer and Bitcoin as payment methods.

Contact us if you want to pay via Payoneer or Bitcoin.