Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any features difference between the paid and free version?
Yes there are some differences between both versions. Please refer to the following articles:

Do I have to pay monthly fees on the free version?
Of course not! What you pay to us is a one time account acquisition fee. No monthly payment needed for the Google Apps account itself, they are grandfathered free version accounts which you can use for lifetime.

I have active subscription on Google Apps for Works, can I switch to this account?
Yes you can. You just need to remove your domain name from your current account so it can be added to the new account.

How can I remove my domain from current account?
To remove a domain, simply log in to your existing Google Apps account. Go to “Domains” menu and remove the domain.

OR, if your domain is set as primary you must cancel your subscription from the “Billing” menu, make sure you select the “immediate” option. You will need to re-login, then go to “Company Profile > Profile > Account deletion” and follow the process.

Can I use my own domain as the primary domain?
Yes you can. You will be asked for a domain name you wish to use as primary domain upon ordering. We will then setup that domain as the primary domain of the account for you.

Can I add additional domain(s) to the account?
At the moment we can only set your domain as primary domain.

You can add up to 20 alias domains.

How long the setup process will take?
All orders will be processed within few hours after payment is received. Turnaround time will also depends on how you cooperate on doing the domain ownership verification.

How to verify domain ownership?
Please refer to this article:

Why it is a free account?
We are selling domains that have Standard Edition Google Apps account (the older FREE version). Prior to December 6, 2012, Google offered a free edition of Google Apps—also known as the Standard Edition—that had a reduced set of business features. After December 6, 2012, Google stopped offering Free edition to new customers. If you already had the Free edition, you can continue using it for free. Read more here:

How Can I check users licenses in Google Apps?
Login to your Google Apps Admin panel => Click the “Billing” manu, you will see the number of free users accounts/ licenses.